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The Night Is Long

The Night Is Long


Winding down starts at dusk with good food, wine, weed, singing and stories read aloud by the fire.

We get in bed when darkness comes with our relaxed glow, soaking in the feel of skin on skin. Making love puts us to sleep.

Sound sleep lasts a few hours in the warmth under the down quilt on the flannel sheets.

There is a rude awakening at 2AM. I must go out into the cold. Relief.

I climb back into the warm bed under the down quilt.

He is there, sleeping and warm.

I reach over. I feel his soft skin and yearn to make it hard.

It doesn’t take long. He wakes up.

He touches me. It is divine.

It is 2 AM and we are both wide awake.

He rolls on top of me, then inside.

We move until we are spent and sleepy.

More slumber until the break of day and we melt into each other again…

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